piazza di siena: presented fieracavalli grandprix

In keeping with tradition, riders, exhibitors and authorities met in Casina Raffaello on the occasion of the 86th Rome International Show Jumping Competition to welcome the next edition of Fieracavalli, scheduled 25-28 October. This edition marks the 120th anniversary of the event and will trace its history and success achieved – year after year – thanks to immense skill in bringing together every single aspect of the horse world: from sport to tourism by way of art and entertainment.


And precisely to celebrate this important milestone, the already impressive calendar of sporting events is joined by something new dedicated to all show jumping fans: the Fieracavalli Grand Prix. This unique competition organized in collaboration with FISE will see 120 horses & riders take up the challenge 120 in an A6* competition that, alongside the World Cup on Sunday, is certain to generate pure adrenaline and great excitement.

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