Enjoy the Vogue Fashion Night Out and and listen to the suggestions from an experts’ team, you can win one of the most famous shoes!

You think you have a trendy look? You have the chance to find out if you are right or wrong at the Vogue Fashion Night Out.

On Tuesday, 17 September at the FlipFlop store in Cusani street 4, an experts’ jury which counts in the famous PR agent Tullio Marcati, the FlipFlop Italy marketing responsible and the Vanity Fair team, will be there to judge your look. The score will range from 15 points to 30, and if your is more then 26…Congratulations! It means you are going to be a part of the best 30 looks, which will have the chance to win a pair of FlipFlop.

What if you don’t reach this score? Don’t despair! Every single look will be published on Facebook and if the FlipFlop lovers will choose yours as the best look on the web, you could win a pair of shoes too. Would you like a pair of trendy ballerinas? What about a pair of comfortable and warm boot for the cold winter? Or a pair of classic Oxford shoes, suitable for every occasion? The choice will be only yours!

What else can we say? Get your shoes polished, your clothes ironed and show your best! The FlipFlop experts and the Vainity Fair team are waiting only for you!

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