Arriva a Milano il gelato centenario di Pasqualina

La Pasqualina, an historical Bergamo’s ice-cream shops company, arrives in Milan and chooses as a location the medieval heart of the city, close to the Sant’ Ambrogio Basilica.

The keywords of every Pasqualina ice-cream shop are fresh and genuine milk, daily harvested fruits and handmade products, processed following the antique traditions.

Although just a few people know La Pasqualina in Milan, the company is strongly determined to spread all over Italy the culture of paesant products and bakery tradition which distinguishes the brand. If you want to taste all of these, you just need to reach De Amicis street, 44; here you can experience the artisanal history of Bergamo, mixed and blended with various ingredients from all over the peninsula, all adapted to the city of Milan and its rythms; and this is whay you will never find one shop exactly equal to the other. In every place, from San Bartolomeo in Bergamo to Porto Cervo, and today Milan, the shop moulds itslef to the city it belongs to, mixing its DNA with it, changing everything from the interior design to the products.

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Creativity and innovations are the paths to follow to reach innovations in taste and quality. The aim is to please everyone by sticking to the tradition at the same time. This is why, for example, the cups are named after the locations in which the four generations of the family has grown: Albenza, Frasca, San Tomè; the company was founded in 1912 and named to pay homage to the founder, Pasqualina indeed.

Stepping inside every Pasqualina shop, even the brand new one just opened in Milan, means you have the chance to breath a 100 years old story, built with high quality and genuine products, but more important by people.




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