“What inspires you?” is the question that the Calcaterra Fall-Winter 2020/21 collection asks us, abandoning the unnecessary to focus on the essential, in a minimalism reminiscent of Silence by Cage. The collection becomes a form of defense against the superfluous. From this comes the poetry of “irrational basics”:  pure and precious volumes, lengths and fabrics move like silent notes, redesigning the vision of style that offers echoes of simplicity from different era.

The collection features “discarded” elements with unlikely combinations: eighties-style bomber jackets worn with jeans from the early nineties and intarsia outerwear with twenties-style geometric motifs layered over more masculine, sleek silhouettes.This anthological collection goes beyond history and modernity, focusing on the function of clothes stripped of their superstructures: primordial and seemingly historicized elements are the sole protagonists of the collection.

The absence of noisy details leaves room for the poetry of memory, where each and every garment seems to have a story to tell, evoking unexpected places and spaces. The new Calcaterra collection wants to question the very meaning of the word “fashion”, startling viewers with “the power of one’s silence” and leaving them dumbfounded, just like Cage’s 4 minutes and 33 seconds.

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