The image of Amelia Earhart and her solo crossings of the Atlantic Ocean inspired the CALCATERRA Winter Collection 2019/20. Her strong, free, charismatic figure from the last century sets the tone for the entire collection.
The first woman to attempt to fly around the world and an absolute celebrity in her day, this businesswoman who was ahead of her time was animated by an indomitable desire for freedom. To her, Calcaterra dedicates a CONTEMPORARY and MODERN collection that is VERSATILE and IRONIC, MASCULINE BY CHOICE but extremely FEMMININE BY NATURE.

Through an obsessive study of shapes, Calcaterra REVOLUTIONIZES the line and redesigns it with asymmetries and explosions of volume that are at times exaggerated and occasionally succinct and sensuous. The continuous alternation of layers and intersecting elements traces the DNA of the collection like a solo acrobatic flight. Tunics are worn over dresses and skirts over trousers, while jackets and coats are topped with knitwear.

The JACKET evolves into a new dimension, transforming into everything: a coat, accessory or dress, the first garment in the suitcase for an ideal flight beyond time and trends. The jumpsuit evolves from a trendy garment subjugated to its function to a more sophisticated version with a bustier top covered in tiny opaque sequins. The season’s color palette expands, ranging from cocoa brown to bronze, from forest green to bright green. The accent color is mustard yellow with a lemony tinge. White is as pristine as snow, while black is only in Lurex. Materials range from bonded fabrics used for trench coats that flow but have body to cotton with a Casentino texture selected for new interpretations of the coat. Technical wool alternates with lightweight fluid wool used for flowing blouses and trousers. New tweed-like Prince of Wales checks reinterpret the coat, jacket and dress, creating a “Scottish” style deliberately revised with cuts that are sometimes exaggerated and sometimes succinct or embellished with fumé sequins. The collection, inspired by a phrase by Amelia Earhart, reminds us that fashion MUST make us DREAM.

«Everyone has oceans to fly, if they have the heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries?»

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