CALCATERRA presenta la Capsule Collection SS15

From the Fuji San to Kyoto, this is the style travel and contamination between poetry and art which have pushed Calcaterra to redisgn his new minimalistic ideal. 10731682_286768448183653_39520562_n From the rice paper to the fabric, using pencil, pins and the mannequin, he molds his thoughts, giving birth to an extreme neatness interrupted by modern origamis and binds, which connected to the carachteristic style of Calcaterra and his sense of volumes in space, create new fascinating and rich volumes and shapes. calcaterra_023 copia The feeling goes from the East to the West, from the 20’s to the 50’s, from minimalism to details, from sensuality to innocence. The thousands shades of white, fresh, celestial, alabaster. The substance, from silk to gum, poles apart but fascinating in their inner souls. The detail, expression of a visual trip, captured by the eye when it stares at something fascinating, from christal to metal, from ripped and then re-assembled fabric to moving lights that create in every moment different shades. An inner need, that frees a new element through style. 10735247_1529847197259285_1816192139_n

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