The CALCATERRA spring/summer collection goes beyond form and reality as we see it. A profound study of the human soul and its emotions, it unexpectedly passes through fabrics, texture and volumes that seemingly evolve through visual contexts without limits or horizons.

Impalpable and personal, the vision of form is suddenly freed from its very nature. The content becomes rarefied to make room for the sensations and emotions of the wearer. The clothes interact with the landscape, as in the works of Richard Long: through a primitive language composed of signs and symbols.

The texture of fibers and fabrics amplifies the senses, organizing them by color, feel and visual musicality. Pure, contemporary and dynamic, the CALCATERRA collection is more and more an expression of a path based on the substance — tangible yet impalpable — of emotion.

In an eternal oscillation between maxi and mini volumes, new silhouettes emerge, forming a bridge between time and space, present and past. They dress an ethereal, androgynous woman whose femininity is intimate and personal, metaphysical and elusive.

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