The new format of Cavalli a Roma, the first edition signed by Veronafiere, has met the satisfaction of the public and exhibitors, welcoming visitors to the area with a transversal proposal dedicated to families and enthusiasts.

From 13 to 16 February the horses were the absolute protagonists of the event held at ”Fiera di Roma” with initiatives designed for families, sportsmen and professionals. Over 100 exhibiting companies, 800 horses of 30 Italian and foreign breeds, 6 occupied pavilions, 27 thousand enthousiasts who visited the event over the course of four days, appreciating the new exhibition layout and the richness of the novelties presented.

The event kicked off the equestrian season in the region with a contest, which had an award of 50 thousand euros valid for qualifying for the final stages of the Verona 122×122 Fieracavalli Grand Prix and for the minimum requirements for the ”Sei Barriere” category of the CSIO in Piazza di Siena.

An internal pavilion was dedicated to the breeding culture, the in-depth study and the discovery of the typical characteristics of individual horse breeds. But let’s not forget the western world with Barrell Racing, Pole Bending, Gimkana Western and folklore in a perfect country style with the dance sessions.

After Verona, the Horse Friendly Arena moved to Rome, proposing their concepts of a non-compulsory teaching method for horses to various schools, associations and individuals.

Many companies have had an interest at Cavalli’s new project in Rome. Among the commercial partners are: Volkswagen, Kep, Ecoplus, Fix Design, Amahorse, Cargill, Clabel, Equitana, Equitatus 1991, El Gaucho, Milano Tailor Made, Real Star, La C2 and Mangimi Losasso.

See you in 2021!

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