Dainese lancia il video di Valentino stile cartoon dove viene presentato il D-air Street GORE-TEX

The cartoon featuring Valentino Rossi presenting the innovative technological operating system D-air Street, the motorbike airbag street version, is now available on Dainese’s video platform.

Screen shot 2012-11-09 at 2.23.49 PM

D-air® is a technological operating system devised to protect men boasting an “intelligent” detection device able to spot dangerous situations and inflate special airbags shielding the driver’s body during accidents.

This is not only a product, its an operating system working with an incredibly advanced technology which will be employed in a variety of protection means in the near future.

Look at the video on http://live.dainese.com/view/IT/caa3fa24-c581-48ed-92ad-d04a8de8939c


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