Dainese chooses Berlin, a multicultural city that is a symbol of artistic avant-garde in music, architecture and design, tor the launch of its new Retail Store Concept.

The special setup of Dainese Store Berlin was developed according to a format createci for Dainese by architect Renato Montagner, who drew his inspiration from Jean Prouvé’s skilfully minimalist style and Tom Sachs’ sophisticated use of raw materials, marking the start of a new experientialera in retail for those passionate about dynamic sports A window onto ali the worlds of Dainese, with a big focus given to the large motorbike collection (Racing, Sport, Touring, Urban) as well as the Multisport collections (Ski, Bike, Equestrian)

Revolutionising the display concept. traditionally focusing on the shop window and the walls, the focus of attention now becomes the “room in a room”, a vibrant environment dedicateci to special proJects and storytelling relating to new collections. Today, here at Hohenzollerndamm 12 in Berlin, this environment hosts the “Anniversary” collection, a tribute to the Dainese brand’s 45th anniversary and AGV’s 70th anniversary, which together embody 115 years of ltalian passion.
During their visit to the store, customers experience a full immersion into the different worlds of the Dainese brand, along with an intuitive exhibition, in which suggested outfits tor technical one­piece suits and Dainese’s award-winning protective technologies, such as the D-air” airbag system, the Pro-Armor range and special membranes, all illustrateci with functional descriptions. The walls, which are organised according to different merchandise categories, are lined with helmets, gloves, shoes, boots and protective equipment by the two legendary ltalian brands.

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