ELISABETTA FRANCHI presenta in occasione dell’84 ͣ edizione di Pitti Bimbo la sua prima collezione dedicata alla bambina

From silk crêpe to printed fabrics, from pale and delicate hues to more lively colours: a myriad of different combinations characterised by the brand DNA and quality that define ELISABETTA FRANCHI, the “Made in Italy” women’s fashion label that will be presenting a preview of the new Bambina collection for Autumn/Winter 2017.

The clothes reflect the soul of the brand with details to define women. The 50’s are back in smaller sizes, inspiring shapes, materials, prints and accessories.

Empire lines, bubble skirts, high-waist cropped trousers and embroidered T-shirts recall the must-have pieces from the ELISABETTA FRANCHI womenswear line. The quilted anoraks, coats and jackets that will keep winter at bay with a warm embrace remain faithful to the designer’s Animal Friendly approach. Wide ranges of dresses and two-piece jumpsuits that can be worn on different occasions are reminiscent of the brand’s skilled tailoring and highlight the constant mission for elegant language.


This first collection is defined by detailing, artistic lines and pieces enriched with laminated gold or contrasting profiles. BETTY DOLL, the Elisabetta Franchi icon with a passion for fashion, is seen in prints and embroidery. TEO THE DOG also appears on patches to add a personal touch to the girls’ clothes.

Collars in duchesse satin and double-layered embroidered crêpe can either be combined with pieces from the collection or customised to suit personal taste. Three different models of bag transform into small treasure chests to hide any secrets a girl might have.

Stars all over: stars and sequins reign and shine in prints for special occasions such as Christmas, featuring on charms or elegant embroidery, or perhaps buckles or buttons to brighten up clothing.

Little girls who like to be on trend will adore the maxi-check print on double georgette, the micro-check edition on neoprene and the illustrated city print, which reveals different moments from the life of an Elisabetta Franchi woman. The carefree animalier print is available in neoprene and georgette.


There is a wide selection of sporty pieces too: jersey, sweatshirts and denim make it easy to live daily life with style.

The colour palette plays with minimalism, brightened up by unexpected details: natural tones including nude and pale pinks have paired with brighter tones such as red lacquer and new aquamarine. These also give an iconic twist to the collection and offer a light-hearted interpretation of minimal style that is always classy.

Check the gallery here.

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