An introspective stylistic story takes us to a distant place that is nevertheless illuminated by ethereal light, suspended in a light and delicate time. The CALCATERRA SS 2021 collection thus gives life to a vision that transcends matter to reach the pure essence.

In a timeless artistic space, ethereal forms move like intimate representations of the Ego, closed within a multitude of epochs and possible lives and re-elaborated into lines and volumes that summarize the almost metaphysical thought of a new season.

Fluid and structured forms merge. Impalpable silhouettes without space or time move freely through the light that filters their true essence, in a time that knows no beginning or end. Sartorial detail becomes a sign of contemporaneity.

The search for extreme purity is summarized by a simple color palette, where white exists in its many nuances.

It is a moment, as in a photograph by the Seeberger brothers, projected into the contemporaneity of a life lived with strong emotions.

Like a poetry movie, it is a light note that touches us and offers a new and positive sense.
This almost opaque and seemingly hidden image reveals the secret soul behind the Calcaterra woman. It is a strong Ego capable of an ethereal lightness.

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