from socks to total look: haute by dèpio

DèPio, a socks hand-crafted excellence since almost 70 years, during the milan fashion week dedicated to the next spring summer trends, presented a new and ambitiuos project: unite the quality of tubular knits with an unusual decorative use of stitched and woven seams that become the linking thread of the first DèPio men and women’s collection for next spring and summer. DèPio  -from socks to a total look-  wants to dress a modern, sophisticated world using materials and designs that normally belong to the quintessential accessory.

The project shows how Italian creativity still has much to say, creating an exclusive collection using carefully researched, experimental raw materials that have been re-elaborated to suit an active, urban lifestyle. The project reflects current market trends, offering several easy, interchangeable pieces. The mix-and-match collection, which can be endlessly re-invented and changed, can be worn with pieces from one’s own wardrobe or as a total look. The collection focuses on personality, where feminine and masculine tastes blend in a single world where jackets, trousers, suits, skirts and maxi dresses exist in a continuous sequence of volumes and prints.

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