Women are no longer a minority when it comes to mountain sports. Now, a new brand by women for women presents itself to the public with an exclusive focus on the female needs: LaMunt offers a purely feminine perspective on the mountains and alpine sports. The first Spring / Summer collection of the brand, which is part of the Oberalp Group, will premiere to retailers in 2021. From January 2022, LaMunt will be available online and at selected stores.


Our brand addresses confident women, who experience the mountains in their own ways and who want to express their personality while doing so“, explains founder Ruth Oberrauch. What counts for the LaMunt-woman is her passion for the mountains. Whereby frequency of activities, level of skills and speed take a back seat. The LaMunt woman wants to express her individuality also when she’s active without compromising on functionality.

LaMunt combines functionality with aesthetics, which is why the creative team developed “Smart Fit Solutions”. The collection pieces are versatile and adapt to the individual needs of women. LaMunt takes the female body into account and its needs.

We want a LaMunt woman in our apparel to be able to move around the mountain so relaxed that she can focus her full attention on herself and the magical moments that only nature can offer”, says Ruth Oberrauch about her vision.

LaMunt encourages women to live the mountains as a unique place for inspiration and their mindful me-time: “LaMunt is the result of my very own attitude towards mountain sports”, says Ruth Oberrauch. “I find myself the mountains; this is where I can best switch off. For me, the wild beauty of the mountains, the direct experience of the elements together with the physical exertion is the best meditation, from which I can draw the strength for my everyday life and sort out my thoughts.

First impressions of the brand identity and tonality can be experienced in the LaMunt Brand Video, and in the recording of the virtual Oberalp Convention from October 29th, 2020.


More info at: www.lamunt.com

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