La Pasqualina presents “I Bergamini”

For some time we have been looking for a recipe for a biscuit that represents our city, Bergamo, to which we owe everything: our birth, experience and roots.

The research, after having taken us far with confectionery fantasy, has brought us back to our origins, simple and resistant at the same time.

From corn and millet flour, two natural elements that place us from Bergamo also in the Italian collective imagination, a simple and strong biscuit is born, just as we are.

For the shape of the biscuit we were inspired by the pavement tiles of Piazza Vecchia, for the name on the other hand, we wanted to pay homage to the alpine tradition of our valleys: the herdsmen on foot who supplied milk to various provinces of Lombardy were called “bergamini“. And it is the same milk from which the fresh butter that we use today to produce them is derived.

Riccardo Schiavi, owner of Pasqualina.


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