Thursday 11 of July at the Rotonda of San Tomè, Almenno San Bartolomeo (BG), took place an interesting evening of listening, tasting and speaking about ”the art of the handmade” – from music to pastry – organized from Pasqualina, the pastry/ice-cream shop winner of the ”Best Bar in Italy Gambero Rosso 2018-19” award.  A night of learning about the promotion of the ice-cream culture, with melodical pieces by immortal composers performed by Alessandro Marangoni on the piano and Anna Vizziello on the flute, with the participation of the young violinist Sara Rordorf.

Pasqualina has always has always been committed to the enhancement of the territory and, for this occasion decided to organize Musica&Gusto exactly in Almenno San Bartolomeo, one of the towns of Bandiere Arancioni del Touring Club italiano.

In the interior of a historical & picturesque location, immersed in the countryside, the small tower of San Tomè was the setting of the event that starter with a welcoming aperitivo, followed by a guided tour in the historic ”Rotonda Romanica” – a rare building constructed between the XI and XII century – and concluded with ice-creams never shown publicly, which bear the unmistakable signature of Pasqualina.

Indeed, over the years, the ice-cream has always had an increased importance for the pastry-ice cream shop that, through research and continuous experimentation, for 106 years it has been carrying out the ambitious project of returning to the origin of the material and the origin of the transformation, offering every day a cutting-edge and constantly evolving product.

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