L’arte a-gender di EDITHMARCEL ad Altaroma

The italian duo Gianluca and Andrea Ferracin Masato – Edithmarcel brand creators – presented the AI 2017/18 collection. The collection has as its key concept the a-gender, the lack of gender-bearing element and constant inspiration of the brand.


On the catwalk: egg coats of various lengths, pajamas and elegant pantsuits, skirts, cropped and skinny pants, short sweaters, shirts and maxi blouses. Men and women have the same make-up, wearing lurex and fur hats, long scarves and gaudy jewelry design. Fabrics are various from the heaviest wool to the finest organza, from laminate skins to fur, in addition to classic denim and gabardine cottonseeds. Prints go from pinstripes, stripes, polka dots or written-logo of the brand present. Chromatically we see predominate blue, B / N and ocher, to which are added the bottle green, silver and a touch of pink.

No detail is left to chance, from gloves used as pocket handkerchief to the white socks contrast with the elegant sandals. Beyond all differences of gender, age and origin, this is what Edithmarcel presented to us for next season.

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