“Le Autentiche” di Le Sarte Pettegole

Women who remain faithful to their nature without being influenced by social clichés: the “Le Autentiche” project by Le Sarte Pettegole is dedicated to them.

The Made in Italy brand of high-end shirts has always considered its collections inspired by free women, independent, who live dressing as an expression of their everyday life, also through the choice of fabrics and the creativity of the shirt they wear.

Just thinking about them and the countless aspects that the life of every woman can tell, comes the “Le Autentiche” project.

On the occasion of spring / summer 2019, Le Sarte Pettegole has chosen four “authentic” women who share a deep emotional intelligence and a great passion for their profession. Each one stands out for its style and choices, and every day invests in its uniqueness by living in perfect balance between “being” and “wanting”.
The curator and art critic Martina Cavallarin, the contemporary artist Gaia Fugazza, the director Irene Dionisio and the photographer Valentina Sommariva are the first protagonists of the project that, in a natural and spontaneous way, posed for some portraits made by Sommariva herself, trusting their version of authenticity to Cristina Manfredi, author of the interviews.

At the exhibition dedicated to the project “The Sarte Pettegole” wanted to invite all the women to come and unveil their most authentic side. With a live photo booth and through the hashtag #leautentiche, every woman has been able to tell her own authenticity through images and words that, once shared on social networks, will go to populate a dedicated wall on the website www.lesartepettegole.it.

Click here for the whole photo gallery.

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