Stefano La Mastra did it! The biking’s dark knight, Saturday 15 of July, after 14 hours riding his bike, 234 km, 9077 vertical metres and 11 times  up and down from the SuperGhisallo, did a unique challenge, that only few people have done it before: in just one day go throught a gap equals or major of 8848 m, Everest’s altitude. Saturday 15 of July starting from 4.00 A.M Stefano jumped on his bike ready to start his own challenge.

Family, friends, sponsors and press celebrated him and the success of the challenge and the fact that he is one of the few bikers in the entire world that did the Everesting.

“Now I’m a finisher but also a better man. Because this do the bycicle and the troubles: form a character and a better person”

Stefano was supported by @odlo.

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