Pasqualina: un secolo di storia

Pasqualina, the renowned patisserie/ice-cream parlour founded in 1912, is now run by  Riccardo Schiavi, entrepreneur of this fourth-generation business which he leads with great passion and energy to reach absolute excellence. Meeting client needs and history, the steady creation of new products and the passion for research are only some of the focal points which allow Pasqualina to balance perfectly tradition and innovation.

Pasqualina, which was declared Historical Firm of Lombardy in 2006, represents a landmark for all those seeking tradition, elegance and taste.
Milano Moda Donna Sprin-Smer 2012 photo by B.I.A.This centennial business is a reference point for all food lovers who appreciate blending taste, flavour, tested recipes handed down through generations applied to the most modern techniques.

Every morning fresh cow milk is delivered to the family’s laboratory and, thanks to this ingredient, Pasqualina’s ice-cream contains 10% more proteins than other ice-creams containing normal milk even when it’s high-quality milk. This allows to diminish and measure perfectly the amount of cream so that ice-creams produced by La Pasqualina are lighter and easier to digest.


Now you should only try some!

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