#S'Agapõ & #MTV Dinner Party

For the EMA 2014 bash in Glasgow, our digital team organized a dinner party for bloggers from all over Italy on November 9 in collaboration with S’Agapõ and MTV.  Alessia Canella, Giorgio Ciccone, Valentina Coco, Lucia Del Pasqua, Valentina Fradegrada, Dario Fattore, Sonia Grispo, Larissa Guerrini, Laura Manfredi, Alessia Milanese, Sabrina Musco, Alessandra Pepe, Alessia Sica, Iris Tinunin and Anjeza Tufina provided a running commentary of the EMA show through live streaming from MTV studios in Milan and wore the gorgeous S’Agapõ jewelry during the broadcast.

In Glasgow, Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil were two special correspondents for S’Agapõ.

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