The ambitious Storie di Talento project was presented at Pitti Uomo 95, with the aim of enhancing and telling unusual professional stories, where the protagonists followed paths in which to guide them there was above all their talent that not always it coincided with a pre-established road, both on an academic and professional level. The story – written by Cristina Manfredi and immortalized by Toni Thorimbert – intercepts faces and personalities who have distinguished themselves in their lives – obviously according to Tintoria Mattei – for their authentic talent and for having pursued it regardless of everything.

The project has the ambitious goal of becoming a recurring appointment from season to season. At the exit of each collection will be presented the new faces and their stories, designed to popularize social media, the site and the book dedicated to stories. For the first season five names were selected, with their stories.

SETTIMIO BENEDUSI «Let’s put it this way, if there also existed a divine spark instilled in us in the form of talent, that would be only the first step of a formative, however unavoidable course. I feel obliged to reiterate the absolute importance of daily commitment “».

MATTEO CIBIC «The talent lies in the stubbornness of an individual, in his full dedication to an activity in an obsessive way».

STEFANO E RICCARDO DI GNAMBOX «We made sacrifices giving us micro targets, which also allowed us to get bones. To anyone who decides to realize his dream, let’s say, cultivate perseverance ».

PIETRO NICOLAUCICH «Nobody can ever take away our talents, so woe not to cultivate them. Ignoring a talent creates entropy in the universe, is a waste of cosmic order as well as an insult to those who do not even have one. Or rather, to those who have not yet discovered they have one».

LUCA VITALI «It takes character, spirit of sacrifice and the right mentality, because having talent is not enough. For absurd you can get far even with little talent, if the head is a winner ».

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