Tullio Marcati press day FW2013: digitali si, ma con classe!

And here we are for our annual press day! We always try to be among the last to organise our press day so that the press will “hate” us a bit less than other agencies…


Brooksfield @ Tullio Marcati #pressday FW 2013

On 9th May in our wonderful showroom the Tullio Marcati Studio presented the collections of all clients.


NaraCamicie @ Tullio Marcati #pressday FW 2013

Several journalists, stylists and bloggers visited our showroom to have a look at all new collections and had the chance to select various pieces for shootings and reports taking place over the next few months.



Peserico and Bogner @ Tullio Marcati #pressday FW 2013


Mirtilla and Bedroom @ Tullio Marcati #pressday FW 2013

As usual there were many new picks which were all very appreciated by the press.


Triumph @ Tullio Marcati #pressday FW 2013


The Sartorialist, Dainese and Bogner @ Tullio Marcati #pressday FW 2013


Sanuk, Haglöfs and Triumph @ Tullio Marcati #pressday FW 2013

All of the members of our staff enganged our guests to participate to our photo contest  Guess Who?.


All the guests had to describe themselves choosing 3 adjectives from a small board and posed for a picture with their face covered. In a second phase of the contest participants had fun “spotting their colleague” on the fan page Eventi Studio Tullio Marcati.


At stake was a symbolic prize assigned to a noble cause: the most high grades were converted to money and the equivalent sum was granted to the Gils association. Explore our photo gallery and take turns to guess who is hiding behind Tullio’s boards.



La Pasqualina @Tullio Marcati #pressday FW 2013

For this edition of our press day as usual we counted on the exceptional catering offered by  La Pasqualina 

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